Women's Sweatshirt Sweater - Oatmeal

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A medium weight raglan sleeve sweater with rib edges and a double layer rib collar. Overall pointelle lace & rib stitch.

The Sweatshirt Sweater is knit with colorgrown cotton, this is not dyed! It's a fully domestic sweater, knit in NYC with yarn from California. The yarn is grown by Sally Fox, a pioneer in organic cotton farming. She has spent most of her career breeding cotton to make a high quality fiber in the heritage colors.

Cottons in these colors used to grow more prevalently in North and South America, mostly by indigenous cultures. White cotton was chosen because of it's longer fiber and better quality for industrial use. Sally's dedication to organic farming led her to these breeds as they're naturally more resistant to pests. She was the first certified organic cotton farm in the US and helped many other farmers figure out how to grow cotton organically. We're so happy to be working with Sally, supporting her incredible work and showcasing the beauty of this cotton.

Each piece will vary slightly in color due to the undyed, unprocessed nature of the yarn. This is part of its beauty and speaks directly to its natural origins.

100% Organic Colorgrown Cotton

Made in USA with USA yarn